Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Jewellery Designers and the 'Others'

Jewellery designers and the ‘Others’

- Anagha Pamidi 

       Jewellery Designing Instructor, SDI

                    Jewellery Designing has always been my passion. Being provided with opportunity to teach makes it even more challenging and exciting. Joining

the Institute has not only broadened my exposure to the industry but has also helped me grow personally by providing people with experienced knowledge and variety of designs for a wide clientele. 

                 Designing makes me wonder about the association between the designer (a.k.a the maker), the wearer and the piece itself, which is in actuality the physical connection between both the maker and the wearer.

                 For designers jewellery is all about the art of creating. Creating to fulfill ‘others’ “fantasy” about themselves which involve wearing jewellery that satisfies “elemental and external human” desires. Jewellery dates way back to when humans started evolving into civilized species. Due to the fact that jewellery is a “portable intimate art”, making it to be one of a kind of creative art pieces to be owned by an individual. The vanity of the wearer of this creative piece, lies both in the idea of possession of an expensive piece of work, and that it has reached its ultimate price because it has the pleasure to being associated with the wearer’s body. 

A Rendered Piece of TEMPLE JEWELLERY

                  Jewellery satisfies both the eyes of the wearer and the maker. It is expensive, creative and also a art form which has ‘maestro’ written on every piece. So why does the idea of such an eminent piece of art remain to be ignored by the masses? Why, does this piece of work remain in the background yet so in the forefront?....