Friday, 27 December 2013

A Necklace with a Story!

Majestic diamond Necklace of Baroda!!

Divya Gadiya 
Student of Jewellery Designing, SDI 

“Diamonds adorn the beauty of every women”. This saying gets its life, when it comes to Baroda diamond necklace. Maharani Sitadevi, also known as Indian Wallis Simpsons was flamboyant about her jewellery. And one of its kind is the three tiered diamond necklace. The diamonds in the necklace are unique in itself and set in its own beautiful way that it not only adorns the wearer but also grabs the attention of viewer.

As the moon becomes conspicuous and distinctive in the sky on a full moon day, the three tired diamond necklace becomes noticeable with its cushion cut “Star of South” diamond which was discovered in Brazil and pear cut “English Dresden” diamond, which weighs to 128.48 carat and 76.5 carat respectively. Both the diamond acts as a heart of the necklace surrounded by 84 Golconda diamonds. These diamonds were given the shape of necklace in the year 1934 according to one of the sources. The another sources facts out that English Dresden diamond had been set in a necklace along with its sister diamond , the Star of South in 1880. (The fact is unknown).

With this piece, the treasure of Baroda was up with one more expensive jewellery along with many other pieces. The magnificent and magnanimous piece belonged to Gaekwad of Baroda, Maharajkhande Rao and was passed on to the generations, and was handed over to government of India after independence, when government of India sent an ultimatum to MaharajPratapsinghGaekwadto relinquish the treasure of Baroda, the Baroda diamond Piece was handed over to government of India along with other jewellery.
Before handing it over to government of India, Sitadevi, wife of MaharajPratapsingh was holding the custody of this necklace and after independence the star of south was last seen in at Bombay in 2002 when Cartier Bought it from RustomjeeJamsetji. The current owner is unknown.

Baroda Diamond necklace is an important part in the history of Indian jewellery and it will continue to be the glorious part of Indian jewellery.  

Diamond Necklace of Baroda  


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