Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Gems and jewelry have been an integral part of our culture from times immemorial. Even our ancient scriptures make a special mention of gems and how these gems can influence one’s life. In the context of gemstones Vedas have given utmost importance to Navratana. The term navratana is of Sanskrit origin and it literally means a group of nine gems.

Navratana or the nine gems represent the nine planets and it is believed that movement of these planets affect the course of human life. Along with this, each of these gems have therapeutic properties. In a navratna ornament there is a specific order in which these stones should be set.

These nine gems are-
Ruby - ruby represents the planet sun. This planet influences the leadership qualities in an individual. The Indian name of ruby is manak.


Natural Pearl - representative of the planet moon. Pearl is said to have properties which helps in calming one’s mental state. The Indian name for the gem is moti.


Red Coral – representative of the planet mars. Coral is said to give courage and strength. The Indian name is moonga.


Emerald – representative of the planet mercury. This gem rules the intellect in an individual. The Indian name is panna.


Yellow Sapphire – representative of the planet jupiter and it is worn for prosperity and good luck. Along with this it  helps in spiritual advancement. This gem is known for its various astrological benefits. The Indian name is pukhraj.


Diamond – representative of planet venus. This gem symbolises beauty and luxury. The Indian name is heera/vajra.


Blue Sapphire – representative of the planet saturn. This gem is said to give extreme results to the wearer, either positive or negative. The Indian name of blue sapphire is neelam.


Hessonite Garnet – representative of the planet rahu (the ascending node of the dragon). This planet is said to have karmic influences. The Indian name of the gemstone is gomed.


Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl – representative of the planet ketu (the descending node of the dragon). This planet is also said to bring fame and prosperity. The Indian name of the gem is vaidurya/lehsunia.


Union of these nine gems is extremely powerful. Wearing these gems individually affect the planets associated with them, but wearing navratana has a positive impact on all the planets and thus, it enables one to lead a life of peace and prosperity. Nonetheless,  navratana should always be worn after consulting a genuine astrologer.

*The Author is a Colored Stone Graduate from Gemological Institute of America, Mumbai and a Diamond Graduate from Solitaire Diamond Institute, Bangalore. She also holds a Diploma in Jewelry Designing & Manufacturing from Jewelry Product Development Centre, Jaipur. She also blogs at 'The Jewel Affair'.

*Picture Courtesy: Google Images