Thursday, 28 May 2015

6 reasons why gifting your women jewellery isn’t a bad idea

1.     For one very obvious and first reasons, is that a gift in any form is definitely going to make her happy, especially if its jewellery. So, if she is happy , most likely she is going to keep you happy as well.. Which also means all your favourite dishes on the dinner table for the next few days.

2.       With big jewelery houses like Kalyan, Tanishq, Caratlane and other big brands advertising of their affordable and multiple use jewellery, it really isn’t a big deal to spend a little for your loved ones. Now buying a pair of diamond earrings will cost you less than an iPhone 6.

3.       Let the sparkle in the diamonds resonate as a twinkle in her eyes. Remember, that’s one of the wedding vows you made to her.

4.       Unlike you, she always carries the symbol of her marriage to you. The mangalsutra, toe rings, wedding ring and sindoor is always in place. Buy her a new mangalsutra or any symbol of marriage every few years reminding each other of the day you tied the knot of eternity to add to it, this will give her a sense of assurance.

5.       These jewels are the reason you grandchildren and great grand children are going to remember you.  Jewellery will serve the purpose of heirloom. Pass it onto your children and they will pass it to theirs. Hence you are keeping a legacy alive through jewellery. It’s not like you are going to take the jewellery to your grave.

6.       Last but not the least. I will give you guys a real reason to buy jewellery. Look at the jewellery as an investment option. In your days of hardship and struggle. These will serve as a purpose of security. Moreover it’s the one of the assets that can be easily liquefied to cash.