Friday, 26 June 2015

Top 5 Jewellery Trends for 2015

Necklaces as Headgears
A wide range of multi-functional jewellery is catching up as a trend. A delicate neckpiece can be worn stylishly as tiara or a maangtikka. Similarly, a maangtika can be adorned as a striking pendant.

Delicate Bracelets replaced by Haathphools
Haathphools have been around for decades now, however will see a key comeback this 2015. This traditional piece of jewellery comprises of a bracelet or a bangle linked elegantly to one or more finger rings.

Ornate Finger Rings
Knuckle Buster and Midi Rings, Stackable or Multiple Finger Rings, Full Index Finger and Thumb Finger Rings are all going to be. Rings are a special kind of jewellery piece, because they commemorate important time periods for those who wear them.

Marsala for the year 2015
This year's Pantone colour is a deep Marsala wine shade, inspired by an Italian wine, which can be incorporated effortlessly in white and rose gold. Gem stones such as Mozambican Rubies, Turmolines Garnets, Eudialyte and Rhodonite capture the shades of Marsala exquisitely. A wide range of stunning limited edition rings, earrings and pendants in shades of this hue will become popular.

Tanzinites will replace the popular Rubies and Emeralds
Along with the use of rubies, emeralds and classic diamonds jewelers use hues of blue in the form of precious gem stones and enameled metals. The classic blue gemstone is Tanzanite. There are a number of choices in the lighter blues, including topaz and aquamarine, which will be trending on in 2015 and the years to follow.

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