Monday, 13 July 2015

Spiritual Inspired Jewellery

Spirituality is a way of life in almost all cultures as well as civilizations. Without our conscious efforts it has seeped into our lives. So is it surprising to find that spiritual influences is found in jewellery as well? Gold is popular amongst Religo-spiritual Jewellery makers due to its purity and availability in nature in its purest form. And it does not react with any chemical or doesn’t tarnish.

As early as ancient Greek civilization, where it is believed their god Apollo is represented as wearing a laurel wreath on his head inspired their rulers to make crowns in gold in similar design. It continues to this day by placing laurel wreath on the heads of Olympic champions.


carved black opal set in sterling sliver
In Chinese belief, dragons occupy an important place. They are divine creatures with benevolent nature although fierce in appearance. Chinese believe that Dragons lived alongside humans and provided guidance. And their first dynasty had dragon blood in them. Dragon influence is in abidance in their jewellery.
Ancient Egyptians loved jewellery and have created some of the extraordinary pieces. They especially believed that protective amulets not only protected the living and infused power into them but were considered an armor of the deadas they protected them in the afterlife. The amulets were designed in the images of gods and animals considered as important. Specially The eye of Horus and Ankh key were and still are popular. The more popular scarab beetles are associated with the sun god Atum. 
In India, spiritual influence is so rich that it has its own branch of jewellery style called Temple jewellery. Apart from that as India is a land of diversity, we can find almost all the important religious influenced jewellery from Jainism, to Buddhism. From Christian to Muslim. From Parsis to Sikhs. And each has influenced and inspired designers in their own way. More popular among them are Yantras. Yantras are usually worn for protection from evil sprits. Generally south Indian women have various jewellery as part of daily life, which some of  the psychics believe that it helps our soul.

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Jyotsna Murthy
JD Student, SDI