Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Top 9 Jewellery Designing Insights from India International Jewellery Show 2015

IIJS  2015 exhibited experimenting with lots of stones specially Cabochons, as we tend to use more of faceted gems rather than non faceted ones. And also to the versatility of sliver as base metal.The whole exhibit was divided into different categories which were spread across 4 halls -
  • Diamond Section
  • Loose Gemstone Section
  • Jewellery Section
  • Machinery Section.

  1. The common element in designs noticeable repeated several times across different Jewellers was - The Concept of Concave Shape.
  2. It was used in different textures like Filigree, Sand Blast and even gems were placed inside the shape giving an excellent imitation of lotus flower.
  3. There was another display which had placed their jewellery piece on two sheets, which were butter sheet and vellum sheet over lapping each other in such a way that when someone views it, he/she can actually see the design created by the designer and the final product.
  4. Then in the Loose Gems section, we came across loose pearls. 
  5. Then there was Swarovski stall. They were selling the stones at the rate of INR 50 per stone of 0.02 cts. One packet contains 500 stones.
  6. There were some stalls which dealt exclusively in Sterling Silver.
  7. Cabochons can stand on its own, against the glittering cut stones. 
  8. Particularly fire opal used as centre piece in pendants. And also painted pearls.
  9. Turquoise is another gem which is attractive when put together creatively.
Finally, take a look at some of the Unique Jewellery at IIJS 2015:

IIJS 2015 perfectly showcased different styles of jewellery, loose gems and interesting new trends.

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