Friday, 7 June 2013

A peek into Technology- CAD Jewellery Designing

Why CAD?

- Nagaraksha
CAD Instructor, SDI

How much has technology influenced our day to day activities? Have we ever thought of it? Can we imagine a life without a mobile, computer laptop, etc, "No, not at all". Technology is bringing revolution in almost all fields. So it is with our own jewellery designing and manufacturing sector also.

We have been blessed with the development of CAD (Computer Aided Designing). What is CAD? It is the use of computers for making 2D drawings and 3D models (jewellery piece). CAD is gradually getting popular amongst the designers prefer jewellery pieces designed in CAD. Why is it so?? There are 'n' number of reasons to be told.

The most important of all is the precision which can be achieved up to 100%. CAD designs are of high quality and light weight. CAD designing takes very minimal time. So, the overall designing and production time for a piece hardly takes time thus your piece reaches the market faster (profits also reach you faster.... for which we all work..)
A Wax Mold and A White Gold Cast

Looking in other way, one system can replace many people, reducing manpower. Less people at work means easy management, effective communication, reduced expenses and so on.
 CAD files can be accessed by anyone involved in the process, even those based in different offices across the globe. Additionally, files can be sent instantly with the help of the Internet. When compared to traditional methods which require someone to track down files, pull them from a file cabinet, package them, hire a courier, and then wait several days for the files to reach their destination.
A CAD rendered piece (Finger Ring) by Keerthi Shree, CAD Instructor, SDI

CAD systems can also have a built-in system for calculating the costs of manufacturing the design, including any materials used, separate components and additional items. The costumer can be provided with clear estimate of bespoken jewellery even before it is manufactured.

The above are very few out of the many benefits of CAD to the designer, jeweller and buyer.
CAD drafting will no doubt continue to evolve and become more powerful, and remain, as one of the most important technological developments for the manufacturer and the consumer.
A CAD rendered piece (brooch) by Keerthi Shree, CAD Instructor, SDI

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