Monday, 3 June 2013

An Article on Carved Stones


- Keerthi Shree S
Jewellery and CADD Designing Instructor, SDI

Carved Gemstones are sculptural pieces that can be worn as jewels. Abundantly available in nature, these fascinating pieces blend the mystery of nature with the skin of man. The designed style in carved stones often replicate nature, from the colours of suitable tourmalines to stunning pink corals. It is refreshing to perceive a free form carved piece of gem in jewellery than the faceted gem or cabochon. Diamond accent can elevate carved gem into the high- end jewellery. carved gemstones are of two kinds- A Cameo and Intaglio. Carving in intaglio, with the design projecting out of the background as in nearly all cameos, are also covered by the term.
A Jewellery from Victorian Era

The earliest engraved gemstone were the Egyptian scarab, carved to resemble a beetal, an intaglio; a flat gem with a image carved in relief above the planar surface. in Middle Ages, Mediterranean coral was used in religious beads and small carving and cameos. It was traded along ancient silk routs between Europe, Egypt and China as early as 100 B.C. Traders offered corals in exchange for silk, spice, porcelain and lacquer in the far Eastern and for many products from Africa.Superstition was not far behind either. Cameos of  legends like Alexander The Great, were said to possess magical powers and were often used by people as totems over the period of time.
A Manually Designed Cameo Jewellery Set

Women now a days are wearing jewellery to match the latest colour or style in fashion. This artistic creation would attract those who appreciate beauty.

What makes a gemstone unique to carving and faceting? Well, it is the toughness and hardness of the stones. It is their innate capability of their composition that makes them fit for carving or faceting. "In the case of minerals and gemstones, hardness refers first to scratch hardness, then to cutting resistance."Toughness on the other hand, "is its ability to resist being fractured".

There are various types of gemstones that are carved, the list encompasses coral, ivory, lapis lazuli, horn, amber, jade, amethyst, agate, onyx, spinel, shell and jets. These gemstones hold this prestigious podium because of their toughness quality. Thus, the list is selective and exclusive. The carved gemstones were expensive because of the high quality materials, the complexity of the design and the labour involved. The setting are most often inspired by the stone's shape and colour and by the mechanical constrained of carving. Sometimes it is a challenge to set stones that have very unusual shape. Today, the joy of wearing a beautiful carved gemstone jewellery piece is as great as ever.
An Intaglio ring
This type of jewellery's typical features may signify sized carved gemstone set on interesting assortment that can look very fancy and exquisite. Carved gemstone in fun shades and styles can be worn as necklace, earring, rings and bracelets.

Carved gemstone offer designers with creative versatility, these are accessible in shapes such as carved hearts, leaves, flowers and beads. Interesting designs combining carved and faceted gemstone created an exciting juxtaposition. These certainly set the stage for a contemporary and elegant look.

A Manually Designed Cameo Pendant


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